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Established over half a decade ago, our eBay Powerseller background
make us a stellar choice in outsourcing your online selling activities.

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With over ten years experience in selling on eBay, Deebies was established over half a decade ago to help others use this marketplace. Today we continue to specialise in eBay and helping businesses make the most of this platform.


Whether you’re in the UK looking to sell overseas, or an overseas business looking to gain access to the UK market, we have solutions to suit all sellers, of all sizes, who are looking to extend their global reach.


Our focus is on growth, whether you're new to eBay or have been selling there for a while. We have a proven track record with partners in various sectors aiding them with everything from set-up to full eBay account management.

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Why We're Chosen


Our flexible approach makes us a stellar choice of partner for your business in outsourcing your online selling activities.


Our eBay Powerseller background, knowledge and first hand experience mean we know what it takes to succeed on eBay.


Our incentivised pricing structures mean we only make a profit when you do, ensuring our focus is helping your business grow.

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Whatever your eBay project, we're sure we have the right solution for you.

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